Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Music healing/Musicmedicine/Music Therapy

What is the difference between music healing and music therapy? Or music healing and music medicine? It's pretty subtle actually and different people would definte each discipline or methodology differently. These are MY definitions today:

First of all, healing does not mean curing. Healing has to do with decreasing symptoms, physically, physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Music healing is the process of using already composed music in a passive (listening) or active (singing, playing an instrument) way to ameliorate symptoms and help a person to feel better. Music healing has a spiritual component; not religious but spiritual.

Music therapy is now a well-established discipline which is evidence-based and often used in rehabilitation settings. Many hospitals, nursing homes and clinics employ music therapists. one can get college degrees in music therapy and if you want to be in that field, it is a requirement.

Music and Healing

Music and Healing

Monday, March 06, 2006

Healing Music Academy

I am very excited to announce the opening of Healing Music Academy here in Louisville, KY. I will be offering onsite and online classes on the most popular of the seminars I do around the country and in Canada and Europe.

The first class will be this Friday and will be called "Music and the Mind-Body Connection." The onsite class will be two hours in length and is limited to 12 people. There is no pre-requisite and no previous knowlegde of music or ability to read music is required. We will cover a brief history of what humans have believed about music's effect on us, have look at the current state of mind-body medicine, look specifically at the ways that different kinds of music affect us today and survey some options for using music to improve our lives.

For those taking the course online, it will consist of the same information divided into five emails sent a week apart. The entire class is $25.00 payable online. This is a temporary introductory price, so take advantage of it. The tuition will go up as demand for the class increases!

To register online, go to or call me at 502-419-1698.

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