Sunday, July 19, 2009

How can music be used to heal?

Music can heal in so many different way!

Music stimulates and utilizes many parts of the brain - it captivates and maintains attention.

Music is an effective motivator.

Music provides a safe, structured setting for verbal and non-verbal communication.

Music uses sounds and silences to structure time in an understandable way.

Music provides both structure and freedom through the use of form and improvisation.

Music provides a meaningful, enjoyable context for repetition.

Music activities encourage social interactions.

Music is an effective memory aid.

Music supports and encourages movement.

Music taps into memories and emotions.

Music provides nonverbal, immediate feedback.

Music activities are easily adapted to each person's abilities.

Music interventions can be designed to be success-oriented.

Music uses concrete concepts that are easily demonstrated and understood - fast & slow, up & down, loud & soft, long & short, etc.

Music activities utilize many senses at the same time to enhance the learning experience - hearing, seeing and feeling

Monday, July 13, 2009

How can music heal the body?

This is one of the most frequent questions I get when I go out into the world to speak to conferences and conventions! I guess it almost seems too easy? Everyone loves music and know that they enjoy it a lot, but does it really "HEAL" the body? Well, first of all you must define healing. Healing is not the same as curing! By my definition, healing has to do with moving toward wholeness and the improvement or amelioration of symptoms. When I work with my patients in a counseling session, I often choose a piece of music that enables them to release painful feelings that they were keeping locked into their bodies. Keeping painful thoughts and memories locked into your body can actually cause illnesses to develop. I'm not saying that it's the only cause of illness, but it's definitely a big contributor. Germs might even pale by comparison!

When people hear beautiful music that they love, that has positive associations for them or that brings floods or good memories back to them, hormones and chemicals are released in the body that actually do heal and improve that person's health and their immune system! This is has been scientifically proven hundreds of times around the world.

If you'd like to know more, order my book "Notes on Tuning Your Life with Music" and the "Healing Music Sampler." Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of healing music!