Thursday, June 29, 2006

Can a machine heal??

Greetings from Charlotte, N.C.! I am attendingan amazing seminar here about a machine thathas healing programs on it. I will let youknow more about it after I've learned a littlemore about it. Usually I'm pretty skepticalabout machines that heal vs. using all of theinborn tools and mechanisms we all have, oncewe've decided to 'get better.' Yes, our minds and bodies are connected and we can use all ofthe wisdom and information 'out there' to getabout as healthy as we choose to be. Rarely isit too late to change your life so that you canenjoy radiant health.
Vocal toning is a powerful tool for healing asis using music both actively and passively tochange your state of mind and your state ofhealth.
Stay tuned more information!

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