Monday, October 09, 2006

Why do we love the music of our childhood?

Much has been written in the music therapy literature about how, as we age, we love the music of our childhood more and more. Not that we love children's music but, for example, if you grew up listening to light classical music there's a very god chance that you will enjoy light classical music as an adult and even more as a senior citizen. Same with church music; if you grew up in a specific religion and had a positive experience there, there's a good chance that you will love this same music more and more as you age. Why? I would say that as we age, the world continues to change as begin to prefer having things the way they always were. That's human nature. Part of things staying the same is listening to the music we grew up with. I think it's safe to say the very few people over the age of 50, in any time in history, liked the music of the teenagers of that time. That was reiterated to me again today as I spoke to a group of senior citizens about "Music in the Golden Years." Think about it and let me know what you come up with!

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