Sunday, February 04, 2007

Could Music Be a Secret Weapon in the Super Bowl??

Can music affect the outcome of the Superbowl? It may sound crazy but maybe you haven't heard my famous football story: two high school football teams here in Kentucky were playing a championship game. One team was absolutely crushing the other team and their morale was going down, down, down. The losing coach was desperate for a breakthrough when suddenly the band director had a brilliant idea. He decided his "pep band" would take the other team's fight song and play it in a minor key every time they got to the goal line and were about to make another touchdown.

Now you know what a minor key is right? A minor key sounds dark, scary, gloomy and is just a half-step different from a major key! You can take any song or melody and easily put it in a minor key. Back to the story though. When the Pep Band played the other team's fight song in a minor key, it immediately rendered them weak, ineffective and powerless! The losing team actually caught up and won the championship game!! Later, the band director was disciplined and told never to do this again because it was unfair tactics!! Should you send an email to your team? It could be a secret strategy!

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