Saturday, March 31, 2007

5-Star Hospitals

You probably know that I am almost sixty-years old by now. I don't try to hide it because I value every moment I've spent on this earth and would not take away a moment of it. My point being that I've been in lots of hospitals all over the world. I've been a patient and a visitor in hospitals from South Carolina and Kentucky to hospitals in Nervi, Italy and Vienna, Austria. Like anyone else I've had good and bad experiences in all of these places.
Recently I've heard about what they're calling 5-star hospitals that have luxurious accomodations and appointments, live music in the waiting areas and gourmet menus to choose from. Does insurance cover this? I doubt it. Does the quality of medical care match the quality of the rooms, food and decor? I feel sure that it does, but I want to believe that the quality of care has nothing to do with the luxury or lack of luxury of the room. What do you think?

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