Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Thanksgiving Healing Music Special for you

It's now Saturday of the Thanksgiving Weekend and I'm watching the final college football games, eating the last of the pumpkin pie and enjoying the bounty of friends and family that have been around me, by telephone or in person, this cold, crisp Thanksgiving week. I've enjoyed singing and listening to the music that means Thanksgiving to me and I've enjoyed putting the finishing touches on some of my new healing music products for you.
Typically, when I introduce new products, I offer them at a great price because I really want people to enjoy them and benefit from them. I am very excited this time because I have my first professionally done DVD which is a talk I did on the Healing Power of Music at Clemson University in September of 2007. I have two new ebooks and a CD/download of "Babyboomers and Music: Together Forever!" It you're interested in getting these new products at a introductory price that probably won't last more than a week, click HERE right now!
Music binds us to our families in a way that only food and love can otherwise accomplish. Click HERE right now for all the information about music and healing that you'll get when you order these four brand-new products. Don't miss it!

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