Friday, January 18, 2008

Teleseminar on Healing with Music...Replay

Greetings to all my friends and students! Last night we had a great teleseminar experience with lots of listeners and many important healing music topics covered. I wanted you to be among the first to get the replay while it's still free! There is also, on my homepage, a link to a very special offer that I have up for you for a limited time only! Go to my site, and you will see it there! You can click on the layer below to hear the entire teleseminar. Please post comments on this blog if you have some! Thanks so much!



Anonymous said...

Dr. Cash, What a great interview !
I just heard the teleseminar and it was teriffic.Lots of info to check into . I personelly know what an impact music has had on my life.. I never thought about the first music and I think you are right about the songs of nature.During a resent emotional crisis my therepist recommend just that I sit out in the yard ;I did.I noticed slowly that I would go in, and turn the radio on to the oldie stations to go back to the time when I was more at peace with myself. With lots of health issues I was very much interested in the music and surgery;I for one want that music.Thank you to my therepist and to you Dr.Cash .Carolyn

DrT said...

Great teleseminar. Much thanks. I will link by blog to this teleseminar as I think it is "just right" for writers who are writing to heal.

DrT from