Saturday, April 17, 2010

Healing vs. Curing with music

I think that people sometimes get confused about the difference between "healing" and "curing." They are not synonymous...not at all! Music heals but it does not cure. To go a little deeper, music can ease the symptoms of pain; it can greatly improve the mood; it can distract from feelings of gloom and despair; it can calm an anxious and troubled mind, and it can energize a lethargic and sluggish body.

Whatever condition of the mind, body, spirit that has descended on a person that makes them want to feel better, music can usually help. I won't say always because always is too big of a word. But music can definitely help a troubled person. Healing is the amelioration or lessening of the symptoms, whatever they may be. Next time you want to feel better, put on some music, play or sing some music yourself, or just think about some music that you love and that has meaning for you. You will feel the healing power of music!

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