Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Can Healing Music Be Funny?

Someone asked me this today and it made me stop and think. Can healing music be funny? Of course it's not a simple yes or no question. It all depends upon what the issue is. I think that sometimes little kids can just be grumpy and tired and fussy and a funny song with funny sounds and motions can turn things around. If you're talking about adult depression or anxiety, it's not so easy. Hearing a funny song from your past (i.e. "Purple People Eater") can momentarily distract you. Hearing a funny song for the first time, can be funny for the moment, but not turn the day around for you.

What do YOU think??


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Alice H. Cash said...

A friend of mine just wrote to point out that magazine editor Norman Cousins used humor to heal himself from a fatal illness that he had been told was incurable. Some of the things he used were Keystone Cops silent movies that had only musical accompaniment.