Wednesday, August 09, 2006

BBC Reports Music Does Aid Healing Process

We've known this for along time, but because it's difficult to prove in a scientific way, physicians just don't talk about it very often. Now a hospital in London has carried out studies that provided empirical documentation of music's healing power. Please take note:

Music 'aids the healing process'
By Pallab Ghosh BBC News science correspondent

Could music actually help the healing process?Listening to music makes us feel better - but many doctors are now beginning to believe that it does much more.
There is emerging evidence that it can bring about physical changes to the body that can improve our health.
The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London has regular performances - and has seen impressive results.
A scientific study by the hospital has found that patients who listen to live music need less drugs and recover more quickly than those who do not.
We are approaching the point where a doctor would legitimately be negligent not to actually recommend music as a therapeutic intervention
Professor Paul Robertson
According to Dr Rosalia Staricoff, who carried out the study, there is growing scientific evidence that music aids physical changes which can help heal the body.
She said: "The physiological benefits have been measured. Music reduces blood pressure, the heart rate, and hormones related to stress."

This is exciting news! Please remember this when you're not feeling well and tell your friends too!

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