Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How does holiday music affect you?

I think that just about everybody has some kind of music that they really like. Every culture that we know about has created music of some kind: drumming, chanting, singing and playing of all kinds seem to emerge as people evolve. The music is written for self-expression, for healing or perhaps, for entertainment.

The music we hear at holiday time is very specific and we tend to hear dozens of the same songs over and over. I happen to like most of them but some people (including one of my own daughters!) tell me that they think this music is "cheesy." I take this to mean that people think they are corny, schmaltzy, or even just junk!

I'd be interested to know how holiday music affects you. Do you like it or not and if not, what is your objection? You can post a response to this blog or just email me! Happy Holidays!


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